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MegaLogViewer HD
Heavy Duty - Premium Edition of MegaLogViewer

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The HD Edition of MegaLogViewer is EFI Analytics Premium edition

The best of features and extends support to a vast array of data logs.
MegaLogViewer HD is designed to work with nearly ANY delimited and many binary logs

Power, performance, optimal efficiency; the objectives of almost any tuner, the key to achieving these objectives is in the data produced by your engine. To achieve these objectives you must know what your engine is asking for or it will never run its best.Captured Data logs are where a modern EFI controlled engine asks. But capturing data is only the first step; you then need simple ways to understand what that data means, what your engine is asking for. Being able to easily select, navigate and compare data fields is critical, but there is more. You want to see the whole story, not just at log traces 1 by 1 in a limited way. To get the full picture you need to see how different fields are related and affect one another, how it all ties together. You need the right tools to work with your data. Suddenly that data becomes so much easier to see and understand, you can sort through vast amounts of data in simple comprehensible views, then act on it. Whether you are a Professional Tuner or a Weekend Hobbyist, well designed software becomes your most valuable tool and can truly make data simple to work with. EFI Analytics MegaLogViewer provides tuners the power to view and analyze data in ways not available with other tuning software. If you have used any other software to view datalogs, once you try MegaLogViewer and see how much simpler it make navigating, and how much nicer it works, you will never want to use any other tools.

For most users, this is the MeagLogViewer you want. MegaLogViewer HD is the most feature filled version of MegaLogViewer with a log file loader designed to work with all delimited and many binary data logs.
The Histogram - Table Generators Make it quick and easy to see exactly how far off every cell of you fuel table is by processing all the data in your logs. You can plot your spark or AFR table, see where in on the maps knock is occuring. The uses are endless and limited only by the data in your logs.
For BigStuff3 ECU owners see:
MegaLogViewer BigStuff3 a specialized edition for BigStuff3 with auto tune and table editing.
All other users will want to use MegaLogViewer HD! with support for almost any log format!

Supported Data Logs:
  • TTS CSV Exports or some native DM3 files
  • Power Vision log files
  • Power Commander log files
  • Motec csv Exports
  • All MegaSquirt Logs
  • EFI Live Exports
  • HP Tuner Exports
  • Electromotive Tec II and Tec III
  • Pro EFI
  • Vi PEC
  • TunerPro RT Exports
  • Twin-Tec & Twin Scan log files, no need formating or data massaging.
  • Diablosports
  • Torque for Android
  • Shadow Dash for Android
  • Evo Scan
  • Haltech
  • OBD Tester
  • Most GPS Output Files
  • Many Many more, load nearly any csv or delimited file formats. If you find a delimited log file it doesn't load just contact us at EFI Analytics, ods are we can have a version that will load it in no time.

Discover your ideal tune with MegaLogViewer HD
Now visualize your data in a way you never could before to quickly identify problems or opportunities. Load both the data log and tune settings, viewing together. Capture long log files and easily navigate through the data, apply built in analytics, custom formulas and simplified views.
  • Navigate quickly through Data Log files hundreds of thousands of records long.
  • 3 Dimension Scatter Plots to identify correlation.
  • Histograms - Table Generators.
  • Standard Log Viewer.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • View any 16 grouped Replay Signals.
  • Compare mode - Overlay second file values
  • Play back of log files.
  • Create your own Calculated Fields - RPM/Sec, Vacuum, Boost, PW-1. See Advanced Math.
  • Play back of log files.
  • Custom and option fields - create any new field based on other fields
  • Advanced custom data filters.
  • Customizable colors, gauges and UI features.

Scatter Plots

System Requirements - What you need
Support Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OSX and Linux.
Software - First get MegaLogViewer HD Download Here
Run Windows Installer (exe file), or Untar it to the directory of your choice.

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