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VE Analysis FAQ


Do I need to disable Gego for VE Analysis? - Gego is factored into the VE Analysis formula. Say the current table VE value for a single calculation is 50 and Gego is 110, 55 will be used as the actual VE value. If Analysis determines that it was lean for that record, the 55 value will be increased accordingly and added as a weighted recommendation. So by running with Gego on, you benefit by having both the ECM learned correction and the current O2 to use as input for correcting the table, instead of just the current O2 output. Having both is better, especially with a NB O2 sensor. So while I would recommend leaving Gego on with either a WB or NB sensor, I highly recommend leaving it on for a NB.

Do I need to disable Accel enrich for VE Analysis? - Accel enrich log records are filtered and ignored by the VE Analysis engine. So if you step through your log record by record in MLV, watch where you slammed your foot to the floor. The Accel indicator will be on, each of those records will not be used in VE Analysis, then continue steping forward the number of records you have WB delay set to +1. That is the first AFR value that will be used in VE Analysis after the accel enrich event. With the WB delay set correctly, most impact of accel enrich inaccuracy will be ignored. Also consider this, with Accel enrich on, there could be some residual over rich records, but if Accel enrich is disabled you have the same potential for some residual lean records. I think it is in your benefit to let VE analysis correct some of the impacts of accel enrich, if you really feel there is a section where accel enrich is causing excessive residual rich record, you should probably consider lowering your accel enrich for that area.

Do I need to disable over run for VE Analysis? - PW=0 log records are filtered and ignored by the VE Analysis engine in version 2.58 and greater.

How does VE Analysis Work? A somewhat detailed explaination of VE Analysis function can be found here.

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