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TunerStudio MS Ultra! Upgrade & MegaLogViewer HD Combo

Add MegaLogViewer HD with your TunerStudio MS Ultra! Upgrade and save $10 over buying it separate! - The best Ultra Edition of TunerStudio MS and our top edition MegaLogViewer HD for only $30 more!

Top of the line TunerStudio MS Ultra along with the Power of MegaLogViewer HD to insure you can see all aspects of your engine operation and get your MegaSquirt vehicle running right with the simplest to use software available anywhere.

$179.90 $69.95

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TunerStudio MS to TunerStudio MS Ultra Upgrade

Already have TunerStudio MS registered? This will upgrade your TunerStudio MS registration to TunerStudio MS Ultra! The most powerful TunerStudio ever!

The Premium Edition of TunerStudio for MegaSquirt - Unequaled Tuning Software featuring VE Analyze Live, Integrated Logging, Dyno & Tuning Views, Trim Table Analyze and More.

$99.95 $44.95

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MegaLogViewer MS to HD Upgrade

The Premium MegaLogViewer!

MegaLogViewer Fully Loaded!
  - Histograms and Table Generator
  - Auto tune from your log files
  - Loads log files from dozens of systems
  - Trail Live Files
  - Scatter Plots
  - Table Editing
  - Custom Math Fields
  - Much MoreThen dive deep with advanced analysis tools.Critical to really understanding what is is happening in your engine.

$49.95 $19.95

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