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Wireless Megasquirt via Bluetooth

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Class 1 RS232 Bluetooth

All new, even more robust than our previous version. Proven, tested and pre-configured to work for your Android phone and MegaSquirt. When working with RS232 over bluetooth you quickly find that RS232 Bluetooth Adpaters vary greatly. With Bluetooth you will always see slower read rates than with a cabled connection, but with a good bluetooth adapter, bluetooth is plenty fast at 20+ reads persecond with some firmwares. However we have seen significantly lower data rates when using some devices, as much as 45% few reads each second.  More commonly a newly purchased Bluetooth Adapter will not work at all until you figure out the configuration settings that are needed.

This is why we tested many to find one that out performed all others tested, then preconfigure them so it will work for you out of the box.

- Class 1 range
- Preconfigured for your MS1, MS2 or MS3. Can be reconfigured at any time
- No modifications required to your MegaSquirt v3.0 or v3.57 board, just plug it in
- Highest read rate of any Bluetooth Adapter we've tested.
- Powered by Pin 9 or an included power adapter.
- Certified for use with Shadow Logger MS on Android

Product Setup Instructions (download)
Product Manual


Configured for MS1 or
other 9600 baud Systems

Out of stock
Configured for MS2, MS3
or other 115200 baud Systems

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